Trovemat Packaging Instructions

Trovemat ATM is a heavy piece of equipment. You should consider using appropriate cargo companies, regular express delivery companies can be used too, but the cost of shipping will be higher in most cases.

This document will help you to package and send your ATM by regular shipping companies.

To ensure safe delivery of such ATM please follow these instructions:

  1. ATM should always be shipped on a palette.
    It is always better to use standard EUR or US palette sizes, unless it is absolutely necessary to use other sizes. It is possible to use used palette, but please pay attention to its condition. Cargo may be exposed to significant amount of vibrations, so pay attention to how you fix your ATM on a palette.
  2. ATM should be bolted to a palette.
    Please use appropriate bolts to fix your ATM on a palette. All ATMs have 4 holes in the bottom you can use. It is necessary to use all of them because palette can be damaged during shipping and it may cause your ATM to detach from a palette.
  3. ATM should also be packaged in rugged carton, bubble wrap and non-transparent stretch film.
    Please be aware, that sometimes cargo is exposed to dust, humidity and precipitation. It means that the ATM should be protected from occasional rain, snow, dust and sun exposure.
  4. Use straps to mitigate forces that may cause leverage effect on palette bolts.
    Straps can prevent ATM from damaging the palette in case the cargo will experience high horizontal G-forces, for example in the event of emergency breaking of the truck.
    Please only use only appropriate straps, with more than 800kg/1500lbs load capacity.
  5. Remove all moving parts inside the ATM.
    Due to high probability of shock during delivery, all moving parts should be fixed or removed. All bolts inside the ATM should be cured with thread-locker.
  6. Always protect fragile parts of the ATM with plywood.
    Screens and front side components can be damaged by accidental collision with other cargo, or a fork lift. Please use plywood to cover screen and front side to avoid accidental damaging. It is also required to use some soft packaging material between ATM and plywood to avoid scratches of the paint.
  7. Always use FRAGILE and DO NOT STACK stickers.
    Having such stickers on opposite sides of the ATM packaging will increase chances for shipping company staff to notice them. 
  8. Use of shock sensors is advisable.
    It is not necessary, but very advisable to attach shock sensors to the ATM packaging.
  9. Always attach shipment document to the ATM packaging.
    Shipping documents with tracking number attached to external packaging of the ATM will help to identify your cargo. It is also better to have all copies of extra paperwork attached to packaging so shipping company staff could find them without reaching out to shipper and recipient.

Step by step checklist:

  • Verify the ATM is in good working condition.
  • Clean the ATM to remove occasional dust. Vacuum clean it, if necessary.
  • Check if ATM has any moving parts or supplies inside. Pack them into bubble wrap or shipping box, if necessary.
  • Make sure that ATM has keys and power cord included, along with extra paper rolls, if needed.
  • Mount ATM on a palette. If you plan to mount several ATMs on a palette, please mount them front side to each other.
  • Fix the ATM to a palette with bolts. Please use at least 4 bolts to mount it.
  • Do not close ATM with keys, just make sure the ATM doors will not open accidentally.
  • Package keys in bubble-wrap and firmly attach it to external part of the ATM with zip-ties.
  • Package whole ATM with bubble-wrap, make sure all surfaces are covered.
  • Package ATM with rugged carton, make sure all surfaces are covered.
  • Protect front side, or at least screen with plywood. Apply additional rugged carton to cover plywood.
  • Wrap ATM in stretch film, make sure whole surfaces are covered. Pay attention to top side of the ATM, make sure that water will not be able to penetrate to inner packaging.
  • Use straps to provide additional support for the ATM. Please use at least two vertical straps and two horizontal straps. Strap vertical first, then strap horizontal straps.
  • Apply DO NOT STACK and FRAGILE stickers, make sure those sticker are visible from all angles.
  • Place shipping documents into plastic file and attach that file to ATM packaging so it will be accessible and visible.